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Premier Brokers & Associates is a professional brokerage firm with over 15 years of experience in the resales of vacation homes. We specialize in the transfer of titles internationally as well as nationally.



The sale of a timeshare can bring about a profound sense of happiness and fulfillment for several reasons. Firstly, it often signifies a release from financial burden or commitment. Many timeshare owners find themselves tied to maintenance fees, special assessments, and other costs associated with ownership. When they successfully sell their timeshare, they not only alleviate themselves from these financial obligations but also gain a sense of financial freedom.

This newfound financial flexibility can lead to a sense of relief and peace of mind, contributing significantly to their overall happiness. Secondly, the sale of a timeshare can mark the end of a chapter and the beginning of new opportunities. For some, owning a timeshare may have represented a dream of vacationing in the same place year after year, but over time, circumstances and preferences change. Selling the timeshare allows individuals to explore new destinations, travel styles, or investments that better align with their current lifestyle and goals.

This sense of liberation and possibility can ignite excitement and joy as they envision the adventures that lie ahead. Lastly, the sale of a timeshare can foster a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. Selling a timeshare often involves navigating complex contracts, negotiations, and legal processes.

Successfully closing a sale requires determination, patience, and sometimes even creativity. When individuals finalize the sale of their timeshare, they experience a sense of achievement,

knowing that they have overcome obstacles and made a significant decision that positively impacts their lives. This feeling of empowerment can boost their confidence and overall satisfaction,

contributing to their happiness in both the short and long term.

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Our Work
man sitting on sofa while using laptop
man sitting on sofa while using laptop


Check out some of our successful projects where we have assisted clients in buying and selling vacation homes. Our expertise and experience ensure a smooth and efficient process.

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smiling man standing between brown concrete buildings at daytime
Success Stories

Read about our clients' success stories and how we helped them achieve their goals in the resale of vacation homes. We are proud to have been a part of their journey.

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person using MacBook Pro

Discover what our clients have to say about their experience working with Premier Brokers & Associates. We strive to provide exceptional service and exceed their expectations.